About Me


I'm Holly, a 19 year old student studying Psychology, starting my 2nd year in September. I am not your typical uni student, seeing as I more or less commute even though it's a 3hr round trip! 

I prefer sitting on my laptop reading endless blogs with a glass of hot ribena and a kinda beauno white (if you eat the dark chocolate one we can't be friends) chocolate bar with my cat kiki than being in a sweaty club with Pitbull blasting surrounded by drunk imbeciles at 2am. 

I am slightly too openly opinionated but I do mean well. The thing I most look forward to in the realm of blogging is hopefully meeting a vast selection of new people. I am very inquisitive and love to know little details about people that no one else would. This has unfortunately ended up with my friends giving me the nickname of Chris Tarrant (the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire presenter), because I ask so many questions. 

I also have an extreme addiction to twirl bites and mint icecream (specifically tesco's own brand). And a love for the smell of saw dust and new books.

P.s I'd love to have a penpal to send little letters/gifts too. If you'd be interested please let me know via twitter @hollymorrisss or an email hollyslittlethoughts@gmail.com :-)

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